Departmental Assignments

Strategic Leads

Each unit within the division has a Strategic Lead assigned from DASA Tech, each of whom:

  1. Engages with departmental leadership regarding all technical aspects of the department’s operation
  2. Assesses departmental needs and coordinates support through DASA Tech, OIT, vendors and other resources
  3. Collaborates with departmental leadership on technology budgeting
  4. Ensures day-to-day support and long-term strategic needs are met

Department leaders and/or their designees should feel free to contact the Strategic Lead directly regarding initiatives, planning, consulting, projects, and any issues above and beyond general troubleshooting. Likewise, Strategic Leads will be pro-actively communicating with departments regarding technical updates and projects.

Service Desk

The Service Desk operation in DASA Tech provides daily technical support for all units in the division. The Service Desk is split into three teams, each with two Service Desk Analysts who provide troubleshooting and fulfill service requests for departments within a geographic region of campus. All requests should be submitted to

Department / Unit / ProgramStrategic LeadService Desk Technicians
Academic Advising Programs & ServicesDoug FlowersTeam B
Academic Support Program for Student AthletesLisa MilesTeam B
Arts NC State – Office of the Associate Dean
and Executive Director
Fred EakerTeam B
Career Development CenterMike VelezTeam A
College Advising CorpsMike VelezTeam C
Counseling CenterFred EakerTeam A
Crafts CenterFred EakerTeam C
Dance ProgramFred EakerTeam B
DASA DevelopmentMike VelezTeams B and C
DASA Facilities Planning & ManagementLisa MilesTeams A, B, and C
DASA FinancialsKeith MedlinTeams A, B, and C
DASA Human ResourcesLisa MilesTeam A
DASA Marketing & CommunicationsKeith MedlinTeams A, B, and C
DASA Office of the Vice Chancellor and DeanKeith MedlinTeam C
Disability Resource OfficeFred EakerTeams A, B, and C
Fellowship Advising OfficeMike VelezTeam C
JuntosMike VelezTeam C
Fraternity and Sorority LifeLisa MilesTeam B
Gregg Museum of Art & DesignFred EakerTeam C
Living Learning VillagesLisa Miles Teams A, B, and C
Health & Exercise StudiesLisa MilesTeam B
Leadership & Civic EngagementDoug FlowersTeam B
Military & Veterans ServicesMike VelezTeam  A
Music DepartmentDoug FlowersTeams B and C
NC State LiveMike VelezTeam B
New Student ProgramsDoug FlowersTeam C
Office of AssessmentMike VelezTeam C
Office of Student ConductMike VelezTeam C
Office of Undergraduate Courses & CurriculaMike VelezTeam C
Office of Undergraduate ResearchMike VelezTeam C
Prevention ServicesMike VelezTeam C
ROTC – Air ForceDoug FlowersTeam B
ROTC – ArmyDoug FlowersTeam B
ROTC – NavalDoug FlowersTeam B
Student Health ServicesFred EakerTeam A
Student InvolvementDoug FlowersTeam B
Student Legal ServicesMike VelezTeam A
Student Media AdvisingDoug FlowersTeam A
TRIO Programs – CollegiateFred EakerTeams B and C
TRIO Programs – Pre-CollegeFred EakerTeams B and C
THINK ProgramMike VelezTeam C
Ticket CentralFred EakerTeams B and C
University Honors & Scholars ProgramLisa MilesTeam C
University HousingLisa MilesTeams A, B, and C
University TheatreDoug FlowersTeams B and C
Academic Success CenterFred EakerTeam C
Wellness & RecreationLisa MilesTeam B