AdminMe – Temp Admin Access

AdminMe is a tool that allows employees in DASA to have temporary administrative access to their computer.

In compliance with PRRs, standards, and best practices of the State of NC, UNC System, and NC State University, DASA employees, by default, are provided Standard User access to computers, which prevents the ability to install software or make changes to the configuration of the machine.¬†However, there are situations where the ability to have temporary administrative access may mitigate a situation that would otherwise unusually disrupt the employee’s productivity in critical situations.

The AdminMe tool allows you to gain admin access for one hour, during which time you can complete that critical task. There’s no limit on how frequently you can launch the AdminMe tool, and there’s no limit to how many times you use the credentials when AdminMe is launched and active.

Examples of Using AdminMe

  • You are about to join a video call, and your WebEx software won’t run unless it is updated, which then requires admin credentials.
  • You are out of town, getting ready to start your presentation at a conference, and you keep getting an annoying pop up about updating your web browser, which requires admin credentials.
  • You’ve come to campus on a weekend to get in a couple of hours of crucial work for a report that is due Monday morning. You have a wireless keyboard that suddenly requires a software update, requiring admin credentials.
  • You are putting the finishing touches on the big brochure that must be sent to the printer before midnight. It’s an hour before deadline, and you determine that a new font is needed to make the design work. When trying to install the font, you get a dialog box that requires admin credentials.
  • You are in an important meeting, getting ready to show a new video that highlights your department’s recent work, and your connecting to a A/V system in a conference room you’ve never used before. You get a message that a driver needs to be installed so that the sound will work, and admin credentials are required.

Important Caveats

  1. AdminMe currently works on both Windows and Mac desktops and laptops.
  2. Please consider asking DASA Tech for assistance before using AdminMe. We know there are circumstances where it’s after hours, or you are off-campus, or the immediate urgency of the situation doesn’t make that a good option — that’s when AdminMe comes into action. Otherwise, allow us to provide assistance, which may help streamline getting your issues resolved in the long run.
  3. DASA Tech will be monitoring the use of AdminMe, especially as we launch, to determine if the tool is working as intended and how it might be enhanced. We’ll also be looking for individual instances where we might be able to jump and provide assistance.
  4. DASA Tech will use data from the AdminMe logs to determine if there are improvements that can me made to the service we provide. For example, we may discover a pattern of updates being applied to software that prompts us to figure out if the updates we are pushing are not working.
  5. Generally speaking, AdminMe should not be used to download new software. Recent changes in university policy requires that all software be reviewed and approved by OIT, even free software that may just have a “click to agree” requirement. There is a DASA Tech process for requesting new software. That being said, if you feel you are in a situation where you have no choice but to install new software, DASA Tech will follow-up with you so that we can put it through the review and purchase process. Please know it may be required to remove the software during that time if the immediate need has passed.
  6. AdminMe should only be used for official university business, and consistent with the employee’s role and duties.
  7. AdminMe should never be used to change User Accounts on the computer, such as creating new accounts or elevating privileges on existing accounts.
  8. AdminMe should never be used in a way that would violate the university’s Computer Use Policy or the DASA Information Security Standard.

How to Get AdminMe

  1. AdminMe is available to permanent employees, temporary employees who are not undergraduate students, and graduate assistants.
  2. The process starts with this registration form. The request will be routed for your supervisor’s approval, then on to DASA Tech. You will get a ServiceNow ticket in your name to complete the following steps.
  3. You will get a notification about the required security training; complete the training and notify DASA Tech via the ticket once that training is complete.
  4. DASA Tech will install the tool on your computer(s). It will only work on computers for which you are the primary user. A typical setup is for a desktop and assigned laptop. The tool will not work other computers for that user. Please note that DASA Tech is studying how best to address shared computers, such as those in conference rooms.
  5. Once the tool is installed, you should review the AdminMe training video.
  6. As needed, reference these instructions; you may want to bookmark the link.
  7. Once the tool is installed, if you have any issues, contact DASA Tech at