Departmental Purchasing for Technology Items

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Over the years, there have been several different practices in place regarding technology purchasing. In some areas, the DASA Tech team managed all technology purchasing, including fairly standard items like cases, keyboards, and similar accessories. On other areas, the DASA Tech team mostly just handled computer and printer purchases.

With the recent re-organization DASA Tech in 2016-1017, we worked towards standardizing the practice. At the time, it made sense (to us at least!) for DASA Tech to manage all technology purchasing. We felt this would help us continue to learn about how technology is integrated into your operation, especially where tech staff inherited new departmental assignments.

While it has been educational for us, it’s also been inefficient – for you in the departments, and for DASA Tech. We’ve heard the frustrations with turnaround time in particular. We want to be responsive to your feedback and have made some adjustments. We are happy to report that we want to ask you to take back purchasing for quite a few tech related items. Please visit the link below, and make sure to see the additional information listed below the link on even more improvements to our processes.

[major-link url=”″ target=”_blank”]DASA Technology Purchasing – Who Purchases What[/major-link]

Here are some additional notes.

  • This is just the first batch of items. Over the next 6-8 weeks, we will be adding items to this list, and we’ll announce when that has been done.
  • We’ll have a detailed update on the ink/toner purchasing within the next 2 weeks. The short version is that we have always intended, and still intend, to hand that back over to you as well. We’ll spell out the details soon.
  • We will be presenting this information in more detail at the October 10 Business Support Staff meeting. Have your representative bring questions to that meeting.
  • We know there are a number of specialty items in your individual departments for which you are the subject matter expert, and DASA Tech likely won’t need to support. We’ve already started that list, and we’ll be working with each unit to build out that information.
  • We would be remiss if we didn’t take the opportunity to remind everyone that purchases should always be made through MarketPlace, if at all possible. Contact DASA Finance if you have questions about that.

In summary, we appreciate your patience while we continue to adjust our model to provide the best strategic support possible. You spoke, and we heard! Please continue to share your feedback and we will continue to listen — it’s all about communication and partnership!