Wolfpack One Cards for Distance Learners

Wolfpack One Cards (student ID cards) are available to those students taking only distance education courses (and not taking any on-campus courses). Once enrollment information is verified, the ID card will be mailed to the student at no cost.

The card is like other university ID cards, with the exception of the photo of the student. In its place is the phrase “Photo ID Required” which will allow the student to use the ID card in conjunction with a photo ID.


  1. Students should go to the Wolfpack One Card website and select the “AllCampus Network” under Card Features link on the right.
  2. This link will take the student to main Wolfpack One Card Account site. Select “Account Activity” on the left.
  3. Select the “Sign Me Up” link in the upper right.
  4. Behind the scenes, the Card office will receive the request and verify that the student is taking only distance education courses (section 6xx), and that a card has not been issued previously to that student. From there, the ID will be generated and mailed to the student’s Correspondence Address at no cost.
  5. Students encountering any difficulty should send an email requesting help to Cindy Carroll.