FAQs: Duo Security for DASA

Didn’t I just do this?

It might seem that way. We recently implemented Google 2-Step Verification for many DASA employees. Duo is the same idea (another layer of authentication to enhance security) but is for Shibboleth-enabled applications and services, such as MyPack Portal (FIN, HR, SIS), the Leave system, and other systems that require Shibboleth login. The two together are designed to significantly improve security for data on campus.

Am I required to activate Duo?

Eventually, all employees and students will be required to activate Duo Security. For now, units that deal in particularly sensitive data are being required to implement this for all employees in the department (including student employees). About 400 employees in DASA are required to activate Duo no later than Monday, February 27; if Duo is not activated, then users will not be able to log into their enterprise systems.

Even if you are not part of this group, you are encourage to Duo as soon as possible.

What about student workers?

Student workers not exempt, and must activate Duo. Eventually, all employees and students will be required to activate Duo.

What about “no-pay” employees?

No-pay employees are not exempt, and must Duo. This includes retirees who are designated as no-pay employees. There are no exceptions.

I don’t want to use my personal cell phone for this. What are my other options?

If you do not have a university-owned mobile phone, and don’t want to use your personal device, you can use a USB security key. Please note that this is tricky to setup and use.

How do I purchase a USB Security Key?

Send your request to dasa-tech-help@ncsu.edu and DASA Tech will make the purchase for you. These cost about $10-$20 each, so please include a Project ID for the charge. (DASA Tech is still testing a couple of options.) DASA Tech will deploy the key to you in person and answer any questions you have about using it.

How do I get help or learn more?