File Share Migration – Fall Break 2019

A significant file share migration will occur over Fall Break in October, and it will disrupt your access to the file share, and you may experience periodic disruptions on your desktop and laptop. We will be moving all files on the current network file share to a new server. Our goal is to minimize the impact, but we absolutely must disable everyone’s access to all network files in order to complete the final step. Here are the most important facts to know:

What Disruptions to Expect During Fall Break (Thursday – Sunday, October 10-13)

  • Your Windows and Mac desktops and laptops will be rebooted multiple times while changes are implemented; reboots will occur during very early morning hours.
  • Working on any Windows or Mac desktop and laptop maybe be challenging, as the computer may reboot unexpectedly.
  • You will not have access to any files mapped to B/H/K/S/P or other network drives.
  • You could potentially do work via web-based applications (Google, etc), but your work may be disrupted by reboots.
  • We recognize that this is a serious disruption, and could significantly impact operations for a number of units who will still be serving students. DASA Directors will be provided instructions for requesting exceptions to this timeline, such as a Thursday evening start to this process; DASA Directors should look for that email very soon.
  • Shared workstations, such as those used in reception areas, and by student workers and others, WILL be impacted.
  • Student computing labs in Broughton, Case, Gorman, Holmes, Park Shops, Reynolds, and Thompson will not be affected.
  • There will not be any impact on individual Google Drives or Google Share Drives.

What to Do Prior to Leaving for Fall Break (whenever is your last day on campus)

  • Windows and Mac Desktops and Laptops: Reboot your computer, but DO NOT LOG IN
  • If there are shared computers in your area (such as for reception areas, or student worker machines), ensure those machines are powered on and rebooted, but DO NOT LOG IN
  • We suggest creating a Google calendar appointment for this; if you neglect to follow the steps above, then your computer will not get the updates until Monday the 14th, and will be largely unavailable until the updates are complete. 

What to do on Monday, October 14

  • Reboot any and all Windows and Mac computers that you use. 
  • Reboots may take longer than usual; please be patient and allow the reboot process to complete
  • If you do not see any network drives, then you will need to reboot again
  • If you do not see any network drives after a couple of reboots, tell us at 

What Changes to Expect Starting Monday, October 14

  • All mappings to department Share directories (the “S” drive) should remain the same
  • All users will be mapped to a “P” (private) drive, which replaces B and H drives
  • All other drive mappings (such as to a “Z” or “V” or other letter) should remain the same

Background Information

In 2008, our tech team established our own separate file share for the division, with 1 terabyte (TB) of space. Eleven years and many renamed departments, new departments, discontinued and migrated departments, and other minor and major organizational changes (including our “DASA-facation” in 2012), we now have a whopping 20 TB of space.

And, it’s a tangled mess, as you might imagine! 

DASA Tech has had an active “clean up the file share” project for literally years now. Add to that scenario the fact that OIT is retiring the hardware used to host our space in the next several months, and it is finally time to wrap things up.

The final, culminating task of this major cleanup is to migrate all of our network file shares to a brand new storage space. It is much too complex to complete this final step as anything other than one big final move, so we are using the Fall Break window to complete this major task.
If you have any questions, contact DASA Tech at: