Find Your Device Info

Windows Computers

  • Serial Number
    • On Dells this is called the “Service Tag”
    • Copy and paste information into form
  • Device Name, Manufacturer and Model – Use “System Info”
    • Windows 7 – type “System Information”  in the Start Menu on the Task Bar
    • Windows 10 – type “System Information” in the Search bar on the task bar
    • Copy and paste information into form

Apple Computers

  • Manufacturer is always Apple
  • Model and Serial # – Use “About This Mac”
  • Copy and paste information into form
  • Device Name – Apple Menu / System Preferences / Sharing
    • Copy and paste information into form

Apple iPhones and iPads

  • Settings / General About
  • Name, Model and Serial Number
  • Tap and hold each and “Copy” will pop up.
    • Paste that into an email to send to yourself….or…
    • Just complete the form on the device itself, and paste into the form.


  • Manufacturer and Model are usually on a label or stamped directly on the device
  • Serial # – look for a “Settings” option, or on a label on the device
  • Not important to look for a “Device Name”


  • This can usually be found on the outside of the device, sometimes on a label.
  • Common manufacturers include:
    • Computers: Acer, Apple, Dell, HP (Hewlett-Packard), Lenovo
    • Printers: Brother, HP, Lexmark
    • Mobile Phones and Tablets: Apple, Lenovo, Samsung
    • Gaming Stations: Microsoft, Sony
    • Streaming Devices: Amazon, Apple, Roku
    • Mounted Digital Billboards: Insignia, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba

Serial Number

  • For Windows and Apple devices, see information show above
  • If the device has a “Settings” feature, the information can often be found there.

Device Name

  • Computers, phones and tablets usually have a “device name” and instructions are above.
  • Do not worry about this for other devices