March 12 End of Life – Google Drive Desktop App

The Google Drive Desktop App is installed on approximately 100 computers in DASA. This app will be retired by Google on Monday, March 12; you may have received messages about this over the last few months. This app will stop working on that date, and will eventually be removed from your computer. Any files previously synced with Google Drive will no longer sync. None of your files will be impacted, and no action is required on your part.

Google does offer two other similar services – Google Drive File Stream (creates a file mapping to your online Google Drive contents; you can access Google Drive via, say, the “G” drive on your computer), and Google Backup and Sync (allows you to select local folders and documents sync them in Google Drive). DASA Tech is actively working to make these available as soon as possible, which includes troubleshooting technical issues and testing. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and long-term support for everyone who wants to use these resources.

Please note that Google Drive is still in place, and you can access it from the web on desktops and laptops, and via apps on tablets and mobile phones.

Please send any questions to