How to Sanitize Technology

As we look to a return to campus, and even for devices that are off-campus, please ensure that your technology remains safe for use. This is especially true for shared devices like kiosk computers. It is important that devices are cleaned before they are sanitized to ensure the best results.


All electronics can be cleaned with a damp, not wet, lint free soft paper towel or cloth with warm soapy water. Damp means that the cloth can be wrung out and does not drip.

Gently wipe any visibly unclean surfaces ensuring that water does not drip or leave a soapy residue behind. Wipe the device dry following.


Spray isopropyl alcohol (60-80%) onto a lint-free cloth or paper product. Ensure the cloth is damp, not wet—wringing the cloth should not yield drips.

Gently wipe the cloth on the surface to clean. Avoid getting moisture in any openings such as between the keys of a keyboard. Leave to dry for 5-10 seconds depending on the alcohol concentration.

NOTE: Please avoid the use of ammonia or bleach-based products which are caustic for electronics.

Additional guidance is available from Apple, Dell, and Lenovo. Specific instructions for the iPhone are also available.