New Anti-Virus Software Coming Soon

NC State is adopting Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) for antivirus protection across campus. The change will be effective on February 17, just before the Kaspersky license expires.

What Will Happen On Your Computer

Between now and February 17, DASA Tech automatically update Windows and Mac desktops and laptops to SCEP on a rolling basis. (There may be a few cases in which we may need to manually install the update on individual computers, but we expect the automatic updates to apply to the majority of computers.) Once installed on Windows, the software icon appears in the Start Menu as follows:

While the update is being installed, faculty and staff may see a message stating that antivirus is unavailable or out-of-date. In this case the SCEP icon in the Windows taskbar will appear red:

But faculty and staff should not see that message for more than 1 day. The icon should turn green:

Important Notes

  • If you see the unavailable/out-of-date message, or a red icon, longer that one day, please notify us via Otherwise, no action is required on your part.
  • Personally-owned computers are no longer covered by NC State licensing
    • You should uninstall all copies of the free personal version of Kaspersky acquired through the NC State software licensing site.
    • As a replacement for Kaspersky, NC State recommends using either the antivirus protection provided by the operating system vendor or an approved alternative.
  • If you have any questions, please contact DASA Tech via