NC State University Guides

About NC State University Guides

The Division of Academic & Student Affairs has launched NC State Guides, which is an app available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This branded app is home to all individual Guides at the university, and leverages Guidebook functionality across the campus. This app is separate from the generic Guidebook app and features our university brand and cross-promotion of various events, services and programs.

To see our app in action, go to the NC State Guides landing page at, where the app can be downloaded for free.

Other benefits:

  1. Guidebook has a straightforward content management system that makes it easy to build and maintain your Guide.
  2. Guidebook provides great online help, and DASA Tech also provides Quick Start documentation.
  3. Guidebook can sync your events with a Google calendar.
  4. Your Guide will be compliant with university branding and features our own branded icon set.
  5. Your Guide will benefit from cross-promotion of many other Guides (currently 30+ and growing). For example, the Guides for Orientation, Wolfpack Welcome Week and Packapalooza jointly generated more than 12,000 downloads of their Guides. All of those users see the other Guides within our app.

Need more convincing? Consider the cost ($625 annually) compared to thousands of dollars for developing a custom mobile app that may not work on all standard platforms.

How to Request a Guide

  1. Complete the Guide Order Form.
  2. Within 5 business days, your Guide will be activated.
  3. Admins and editors will be granted access to their new Guide.
  4. DASA Tech will initiate the financial transaction to complete the payment for the Guide.


  1. NC State University Guides – Quick Start
  2. Need help? Please send all requests to
  3. NC State Guidebook Video