Software Updates Coming Soon – Spirion and Adobe

DASA Tech will be deploying software updates over the next few weeks. Details are below. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Adobe stopped supporting Acrobat and Reader version XI in October. As a result, no security updates will be released for this older version of the software.
While DASA Tech has been deploying the latest version of Acrobat and Reader (DC), we now need to ensure that any older versions of Adobe Acrobat or Reader are completely removed from both Windows and Mac computers.

For the most part the process should be invisible, however, you may receive a prompt to select a default PDF viewer. If you receive this prompt, please choose the Acrobat or Reader DC version of Adobe. If you have any issues opening PDF files or other questions, please send details to


OIT is requiring the deployment of Spirion, a data security tool that scans for sensitive data. More information is available online here with additional details here. Spirion will scan computers on a weekly basis. Any significant findings that need attention will be forwarded to DASA Tech, and we will follow up with individual users as needed.

If you use your work devices for personal purposes, then it is possible that Spirion would note credit card numbers, banking numbers, SSNs and so on, and thus may come under review by OIT to at least determine whether it is personal or work related. Only work related findings would generate any follow-up. While the existence of personal data on a work machine is not prohibited, DASA Tech encourages users to keep this in mind, and minimize your personal footprint on your work devices as much as possible as a best practice.

While it is possible for you to search for the Spirion application, launch it and start a scan manually, you are not required to do so, and also not prohibited from doing so. Users will have the option to initialize the Spirion application and start a scan manually. This is not required, but is an option for users who may be concerned about storage of secure data. If you do decide to launch a manual scan, only choose “My Computer” under “Locations” since choosing additional Locations (like our network shares) could slow down access to files for you and other users. If you have any questions, please contact us at