We Need Your Laptop

Required Action

If you have a department-owned laptop (and/or iPad or other tablet) please send a note to dasa-tech-help@ncsu.edu as soon as possible to schedule a time for our tech staff to take a look and perform some updates. Even if you believe that SCEP anti-virus is already on your machine, we still would like to verify the other updates and get it into our system.

Why? Reason #1: Critical Anti-Virus Update

  • Kaspersky licensing will end February 28; if the new anti-virus software (Microsoft SCEP) is not installed before then, your device will be vulnerable to attacks.
  • This ant-virus change is currently being applied automatically to all wired Windows desktops, some Windows laptops (like in the Medical Clinics at Student Health Services), and some Macs that are tied to our Casper management system.
  • However, most laptops are not tied to our automated management systems at all. So we need to apply these updates manually.
  • We can provide loaners as needed in most cases.

Why? Reason #2: Other Updates

  • Many of your laptops and tablets do not get regular updates automatically (operating system, Microsoft Office, Chrome, and other software). This is a good opportunity to run all necessary updates and give your device a tune-up.
  • Many of your devices are not in our asset management system, so this is a good opportunity for us to change that. This allows us to do a better job supporting them and providing you with tech budgeting information.