Windows Laptop Tune Up – Avoid August 3rd Problems!

DASA Tech has been working diligently to push out a big OS update to all Windows computers over the last few months. However, the update only works if the computer is connected to power, turned on, connected to the “ncsu” or VPN network, and left on for at least 30 minutes or so – and all at the right time when the update is scheduled.

That’s worked pretty well for desktops, but many laptops have not yet received the update, understandably because they aren’t often in that required state overnight when we’ve been pushing the update.

Any Windows laptop that has not received the update from DASA Tech before August 3rd will be forced to install the update from OIT the next time the machine is used …and could likely tie up the machine for hours due to the large volume of devices getting the update at the same time. Imagine coming to work on August 3rd, opening up your laptop as you sit down for a meeting, and you aren’t able to use it because of the forced updates.

To add to the pain of that situation, the OIT update could break the drivers that make your speakers on the laptop work. (The DASA Tech version of the update includes a fix for that.)

Avoid the Pain!

Bring your laptop to one of these co-working sessions, and let us perform a check-up. Not only can we run the update, we will also:

Co-Working Dates

  • Friday, July 19 – 8:30 – Noon – 201 Park Shops
  • Friday, July 26 – 8:30 – Noon – 108 Holmes Hall
  • Wednesday, July 31 – 1:00 – 5:00 108 Holmes Hall

If you have any questions, contact DASA Tech at: